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If you follow Political News In France, you know surely that France has a long history of political protests, and in recent years there have been several notable protests that have taken place in the country. Here are some of the key political protests in France in recent years:

  1. Yellow Vest Protests: The Yellow Vest protests began in November 2018 as a response to fuel tax hikes and rising living costs. The protests quickly spread throughout France and were marked by clashes with police and acts of vandalism. The protests eventually led to concessions from the French government, including the scrapping of the fuel tax hike.
  2. Pension Reform Protests: In December 2019, French workers began protesting against proposed pension reforms by the government. The protests lasted for several months and were marked by transportation strikes and widespread disruptions. The government eventually withdrew the proposed reforms due to the scale of the protests.
  3. Anti-Police Brutality Protests: In 2020, following the killing of George Floyd in the United States, protests against police brutality and racism spread around the world, including in France. The protests were marked by clashes with police and calls for reform of the French police force.
  4. COVID-19 Health Pass Protests: In July 2021, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the introduction of a health pass that would be required to access certain public places, including restaurants and cultural venues. The announcement led to protests throughout France, with some demonstrators calling the health pass a violation of their civil liberties. The protests continued into the fall, and in November 2021, the French government announced changes to the health pass system in response to the protests.

Most reputable newspaper in France is Le Monde

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